Wet and Windy Start to Next Week Looking More Likely… #OHwx #INwx #MIwx #MDwx #PAwx #WVwx

Here are my two cents on this pending major storm for the lower Great Lakes region. We are starting to transition from possibly a snow threat (that threat is very low right now, and was very low to begin with), to a strong wind/rain storm. Let’s get right into the maps.

1. TEMPERATURES: We are looking here at the 0z North American Model (NAM) data. While we will more than likely remain above freezing here in the lower Great Lakes, our neighbors to the south and the east could see plenty of snow. The pink streak there in far western Maryland and much of eastern West Virginia could be below freezing by early Tuesday morning.

2. PRECIPITATION: Note the two color scales to the right of the projected radar image early Tuesday morning. While it will be mainly rain here in northern Ohio, northeast Indiana, and all of lower Michigan, the  white, blue, and red reflectivity over in parts of eastern Ohio down into West Virginia could be seeing snowy conditions. This could still change.

3. SNOWFALL ACCUMULATION: Note the areas in purple to light blue. This is where the best chance for accumulating snowfall. That facet of the storm will more than likely stay down along the upper Ohio River Valley into much of West Virginia, far southwestern Pennsylvania, and into far western Maryland. This is the projected snowfall forecast through early Tuesday morning. The actual snowfall totals will be higher than shown here.

4. THE WIND: One of the other facets for this particular storm will be the wind. Once again, this is the projected wind forecast valid early Tuesday morning. Note the scale to your right. The blue to lighter blue color represent winds sustained at 20-30 mph. However, remember this projected wind forecast only goes out to early Tuesday morning. The wind will be very fiesty throughout the entire day on Tuesday.

Stay with Weather or Knot for continuing coverage of this pending storm.


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