Cold and Snow in Ohio

Across Northwest Ohio, we are six feet deep in the cold and snow-filled pattern. I personally have measured 30.8″ of snow here in Findlay since December 1. We had a brief break from this pattern. Not right now. In fact, for much of northern Ohio, we are under a Winter Storm Watch from tomorrow night through Saturday afternoon for the potential of not only two to four inches of snow, but very windy conditions. Let us go into detail about this weekend’s snow/wind forecast…



The first component for this storm setup is always the wind. The 12z 4k NAM, and 12z NAM, show the potential of winds sustained 20-30 mph, with gusts exceeding 35-40 mph. This could easily end up resulting in near-blizzard at times this weekend across Northwest Ohio.

The second component will be the amount of snowfall. Here are a few of the forecast model’s thinking about the total snowfall this weekend:

12z GFS:


12z Euro:

ecmwf_tsnow_ohio_1712z Canadian:

cmc_snow_acc_ohio_17Although the forecasted amounts by 8:00 AM Monday morning do differ some, the point is clear. This snow is likely going to blow and drift very badly throughout the weekend, especially in the open, rural areas of the region. If you do have to travel this weekend, make sure to use common sense on the roads. Stay safe out there.

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