Cold Start to the Day, Plentiful Sunshine Though #Findlay #Ohio


DEEP SNOW PACK: A deep snow pack is still in place here in Findlay and across Northwest Ohio. The morning visible satellite picture picks up on this very well. Even with the snow pack being shown here, there is plentiful sunshine across the city and the region as well. High temperatures today will reach the middle teens with sunshine staying out in full force. Another frigid night is ahead for the Findlay area, as well as Northwest Ohio. With skies remaining mainly clear, the temperatures once again will be dropping down to around zero.

KIWX Radar 1

RADAR PICTURE: We have a clear scan on weather radar this morning across Northwest Ohio. A few spots in the region (including Findlay) are still hovering around zero degrees here at this hour. The next chance for light snowfall currently appears to be on Friday. However, it does not look like that the amount of snowfall being forecasted will not be significant. We will keep you updated here at Weather or Knot with the latest weather information. Have a great Tuesday!

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