An Unforgettable Night in Western Kansas

KDDC 2 5.4.2007 1027 PM CDT

May 4th, 2007. This supercell storm developed south of Greensburg, Kansas. During one part of this supercell’s life cycle, the gate to gate shear was measured by doppler radar at 280 MPH. Unfortunately, that point of the storm was when it was directly over Greensburg. That tornado nearly wiped the town off the map. On this particular radar scan from the National Weather Service Doppler Radar at Dodge City, Kansas, this supercell had cycled. When the weather world talks about a supercell storm cycling, that is when the main tornado begins the process of dying out. However, a new rotation in the thunderstorm often develops. That process occurred multiple times with this supercell.

This supercell continued a north to northeast movement, and impacted areas outside of the Dodge City, Kansas National Weather Service County Warning Area. It eventually affected Barton, Ellsworth, and Rice Counties in Kansas as well deep into the night. Besides the tornado, this storm produced torrential rainfall, damaging straight line winds, and very large hail during its lifecycle.

This particular storm is one of the main reasons why I got interested even more into the world of weather.

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