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Sunday AM Weather Recap… #OHwx #INwx #MIwx

We are waking up to some chilly temperatures across much of Ohio. Here are the 8:00 am temperatures…

  • Findlay 39
  • Toledo Express 45
  • Toledo Executive 46
  • Lima 39
  • Defiance 37
  • Cleveland 44
  • Youngstown 40
  • Dayton 40
  • Wilmington 34
  • Lancaster 32
  • Zanesville 33
  • Cincinnati-Lunken 45

MORNING SATELLITE PICTURE: Clear skies are the dominant feature this morning across the region. There are pockets of fog across much of Ohio, especially in the central and southern region of the Buckeye State. Some of the colder valleys in Ohio this morning may see a little bit of freezing fog. That is due to the temperatures being right at or just below freezing.

PLEASANT FALL DAY: Wall-to-Wall sunshine is on tap for all of Ohio, Indiana, and lower Michigan as well. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan will be clouding over this afternoon. High temperatures should top out from the middle 50s in the U.P. of Michigan to the lower 70s down in southern Indiana and southern Ohio.

PLENTY WARM: Temperatures by Thursday could range from 10 to 20 degrees above average, as a southerly wind will kick in. However, all good things have to come to an end at some point.

FIRST COLD BLAST: When the storm center forecasted for middle to late this week passes, cold Canadian air will flood into the eastern two-thirds of the US. Temperatures could range from 10 to 20 degrees below normal.

SNOW?: With the cold air forecast to move in by the end of next week, there could be snow. However, any accumulation will be not be much.

NEXT WEATHER RECAP: I fully expect to have the next Weather Recap posted sometime tomorrow. Stay safe. Have a great Sunday!


From Ho(c)ttober (Relatively Speaking) to Octo-BBRR… #OHwx #INwx #MIwx

These two maps that I will be showing here will represent quite the temperature contrast that are projected to occur around this time next week.


This map shows the how much the temperature is away from normal averages. This is valid at 2pm Friday. Temperatures are ranging 15-20 degrees above normal across much of Ohio. The cooler air will already be moving into Indiana and Michigan by the same time period.


Then welcome back to reality. The warm air may last through much of this upcoming weekend. However, it will come to a crashing halt. This map is valid at 2pm next Sunday (October 28th). Temperatures are projected to be from 15 to 25 degrees below normal, with some parts of the Appalachians being up to 30 degrees below normal. Get those coats and gloves ready!

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Afternoon Weather Recap… #OHwx #INwx #MIwx

AFTERNOON SATELLITE PICTURE: Plenty of cloud cover to be had this afternoon across the region. Because of the coverage of the clouds across the region…

…temperatures have not risen that much this afternoon. Temperatures across the region range from the upper 40s to middle 50s across the region. The clouds will be on the decrease as we progress into later this afternoon across the region.

TEMPERATURES ON THE RISE: As has been advertised on the forecast model runs for the last few days, a warm-up is definitely on the way. Temperatures by the middle of this upcoming week could range from 20 to 30 degrees above normal across the entire Great Lakes region.

SAY GOODBYE TO THOSE WARM TEMPERATURES: At some point, these warm temperatures that are being forecasted will be but a memory buy next weekend. By that time period, temperatures will be starting to plunge to around 15 to 25 degrees below normal.

SNOW CHANCES: When this kind of cold air mass that is projected to move into the region, one word is on us forecasters mind. Snow. Although not much is being forecasted here, it will be the reminder that Winter is not too far around the corner.

NEXT WEATHER RECAP: I fully expect to have the next Weather Recap to be posted sometime tomorrow. Stay safe out there. Have a great weekend!

Great Autumn Colors Along The Blanchard River in Findlay today… #OHwx

Great colors today along the Blanchard River in Findlay. Get out and enjoy the colors before the wind blows all the leaves away for the winter.

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Autumn Starting to Settle In…

The colors of Autumn starting to settle in here behind the Blanchard River along the bike path here in Findlay today.

Ohio Drought Update…

With the recent rainfall across Ohio, the drought is starting to fade away. The west central parts of the state are now not in drought conditions.

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Frost on the Pumpkin?

The title of this Weather or Knot blog entry is right on key, especially for the northern Midwest. Those blues indicate temperatures that have a good chance of being below 32° (freezing point) overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. Also notice that the area affected by these cold temperatures is widespread, from Madison, WI to Minneapolis, MN, and to Des Moines, IA. This frost/freeze condition overnight tonight in this region will help get the leaf-color changing kick-started.

Tomorrow night, a frost/freeze setup will develop across much of the Great Lakes region, including all of Indiana and Ohio. Although not as cold tomorrow night, temperatures will definitely support a frost. This will not be a major frost. However, it is the signal that leaf colors will start exploding in the region sooner than later.

The precipitation forecast for the next two  to three days showing not much in the forecast. There will be chances of rain showers, possibly a thunderstorm, come the middle of next week. An Autumn-like pattern appears to be starting to setup here in the Great Lakes region.

Stay with Weather or Knot for the latest weather information.

Rainy Period Tonight… Drying Out Tomorrow…

This morning’s surface map showing a fairly tranquil setting across the Great Lakes region. The cold front you see  there in the central Plains will pass through northern Ohio later tonight and tomorrow morning. The chances are there for a good, soaking rain tonight in the region. There is also the chance for some thunder. However, severe thunderstorms are not expected in this part of Ohio overnight tonight. This storm center will bring an end to the near perfect weather Ohio has had the last several days.

The area of rain and thunder will start to expand across all of northern Ohio later tonight into tomorrow morning. Movement of the rain tonight will be to the east and northeast. Rainfall could be heavy at times tonight, especially in eastern and southern Ohio. Rain totals could get excessive in the same region too. Any severe weather threat tonight will be well to the east of Northwest Ohio.

Rainfall totals could range from hardly any rain in the far northwest part of Ohio to over two inches down along the Ohio River, right at the West Virginia/Kentucky/Ohio triple point. This could still change. After all the rain moves out of Ohio tomorrow, the first full blast of Autumn-like will make its presence known.

Temperatures by Tuesday morning across much of Ohio could easily dip down into the middle and upper 30s. High temperatures this week will range from the middle to upper 60s. This will help the fall foliage kick into high gear. The colors will start to explode in the next two to three weeks.

Stay with Weather or Knot for the latest weather information.

Sunday Morning Weather Update…

This morning’s surface map shows an area of high pressure in the Upper Ohio Valley into the mid-Atlantic. The high will give way to a southerly wind today. That will result in temperatures today, under sunny skies, to top out in the upper 70s to lower 80s. A seasonably strong cold front will be moving through much of the Great Lakes region within the next 36-48 hours. The passage of this strong cold front will result in the first sizable blast of Autumn-like air for the entire Great Lakes region. Even though tomorrow’s high temperatures will be in the upper 70s to lower 80s, the temperatures will start taking a tumble Monday night. By late Tuesday night…

…this blast of Autumn-like air should result in the coldest overnight low temperatures the Great Lakes region has seen since back in the Spring. Some areas in northern Illinois, eastern Iowa, and southern Wisconsin could see a heavy frost with lows dipping, potentially, into the upper 20s and lower 30s. There could still be a period or two of warm weather here in September and October. However, the heat will not be as long-lasting compared to this past Spring and Summer. In this kind of weather pattern, expect the leaves to start the process of changing colors. Leaf-peeking this October could be very good.

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Saturday Midday Weather Update…

Temperatures at midday here in the Great Lakes region are very pleasant. The temperatures range from the 60s into the lower 70s.

The nice temperatures today are a result of high pressure anchored over the Great Lakes early this afternoon. The high pressure area will move to the east tomorrow. That will result in a light south wind, and temperatures getting up into the upper 70s to lower 80s with sunny skies. As we get into next week however…

…Another shot of Autumn-like air will be moving through the region early next week. Temperatures could range from 20° to nearly 30° degrees below normal by the middle of next week.

This next blast of Autumn-like air could result in slight snow accumulations (below 1 inch) around the western tip of the Lake Superior coastline from Duluth, Minnesota, wrapping through extreme northern Wisconsin, and into the western tip of upper Michigan. A reminder here that Winter is on its way.

Enjoy this nice stretch of weather. Stay with Weather or Knot for the latest weather information.

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